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  1. Bajaga i Instruktori performed in the Gorky Park in front of aboutpeople, and, as there was a serious risk of attendants getting hurt, the concert was interrupted.
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  3. Who cared about nothing, Lived my way despite what others said I am still that kid from then I'm still loving, living, hoping It's time to wake up, it's time to rule this life It's time to shake this thing that you call your life because A beautiful life, just work at home institute on cnn outiside A beautiful life, it's a race against time Across the world lands and seas Our lives are ended in the streets We poison our minds just to find hopeless beliefs Trust built on words from TV Are our eyes just to blind to see There are so many lives left to feed God is not what we need We all bleed the same Losing our own hopes and dreams This is my life I have a say Standards set, mind unaware If it was your kid would you mind Holding all the pain inside?
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